Terms & Conditions

ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY Terms and Conditions for courses:

  1. To enrol on a course, students are required to pay full amount which will be deducted from the course fee.

  2. In the event of a student failing to attend the confirmed course, or complete the course for any following reasons: personal problems, illness, change of mind, relocation, pregnancy, illness or death in the family, change in personal circumstances, failure to obtain a visa or a loan, no refunds of fees or deposits will be made, no entitlement to a later-date course will be issued.

  3. Fees need to be paid in full, at the time of enrolment. Failure to do so will forfeit your place on the course.

  4. Under discretional circumstances the course fees can be paid by Instalment Options, subject to the school’s approval. 

  5. All students will be required to practice on other students unless models are required for the practical assessment which will then be the responsibility ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY unless discussed otherwise.

  6. Some courses may require a patch test at least 48 hours prior to course date. Eye treatments especially but will be specified on the course information for health & safety.

  7. Any medical conditions,learning difficulties and food allergies and must be specified by the student prior to the course enrolment in written form, i.e. contra-indication to having a treatment performed, in this incidence the student will be required to bring her own model to practice on.

  8. As part of The Code of Practice, all students must always be well presented . (i.e. Hair should be neatly tied back and out of the face, no jewellery, all piercings removed for health & safety purposes, fingernails should be cut short and clean, personal hygiene should be adhered to)

  9. All students will be required to wear the suitable clothing for every lesson.

  10. All students are required to behave in a professional and respectful manner towards peers and staff, failure to do so will result in being removed from the course.

  11. If ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY has to cancel a course date which will be beyond our control, then we will try to give at least 24 hours’ notice and rearrange another course date. We cannot be responsible for any loss of travel or accommodation in the event of a cancellation.

  12. ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY reserves the right to alter any course dates and reschedule them but will endeavour to give at least 48 hours’ notice.

  13. These conditions form the main part of the contract between the School and the Student. Only the school’s managing director shall be authorised to alter or waive any of the terms and conditions.

  14. ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY will not be held responsible if Student does not follow in the chosen course due to change of mind or non understanding of course notes.

School Regulations for Students

  1. Students are advised that jewellery, valuables or considerable amounts of money must not be brought into the school as ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY cannot be held responsible for their loss.

  2. Students are expected to model for practical classes. Any student who cannot do so, by reason of medical deficit or infirmity, must notify ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY upon enrollment. ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY reserves the right to terminate the student’s training, on the failure to so advise.

  3. ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY classes start from Monday to Saturday 10 am to 4:00 pm Lunch Break from 12.45 pm to 1.30 pm unless otherwise stated. ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY reserves the right to alter these times as it sees fit and appropriate.

  4. ACADEMY K SCHOOL OF BEAUTY requires all students to pass the examinations and supply relevant case studies as specified. 


1. As all courses are of a continuous nature, no allowance for lateness or absenteeism will be made except with prior consent by the Managing Director, who also reserve the right to dismiss any student giving justifiable cause for such action. Their decisions in all such matters will be deemed as final.

2. Classes will commence promptly at the published times, irrespective of whether all students are present. Classes will not be delayed waiting for latecomers, and teachers are not responsible for repeating work missed. Class hours can be varied at the discretion of the Managing Director without prior notice.

3. Paying for and/or attending a course fully does not guarantee a qualification, diploma or certificate of achievement. Awards of achievement are gained by the successful fulfilment of the criteria set out by the various awarding bodies. The decision of the Managing Director are final in all cases.